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That to do in Uyuni

You can develop the following activities:
He visits the museum of anthropology and archaeology of southern the $andes:
attention schedules:
Tuesday Friday Saturday and Sunday
8:30 To 12:00 And FROM 14 To 18:00
Saturday and Sunday
9:00 To 13:00
address: Av. maple without number.

It visits the cemetery of trains. Where the old trains, or victims arrive to remain in his I complete place.



It visits the town of Pulacayo

Located to 22 km outside Uyuni, in against the more important mining center during century XIX.
Stroll in bicycles.
In Uyuni it is possible rent to bicycles leaving his passport, identification or money in cash, the cost approximated per 8 hours of Bs. And for 80 day Bs.
It visits the tourist information bureau.
Where it will find information tourist of all Bolivia, thus also it will be able to enjoy some tourist videos, books, et cetera.
Ground ranges to arrive at Uyuni and the national reserve Eduardo Avaroa.

Address: Av. Potosí Sucre corner number 35
Border with fixed Chile Drawers
attention schedule the 24 hours.
Border point Ollagüe and Apacheta. Telephone 693 2062
Schedules of attention Monday through Friday 8:30 To 12:30 – 14:30 To 18:30
Address: Avaroa street between Potosí and Columbus.
Mayorship of Uyuni. Direction Av. Potosí without number.
Police. Railway Av. direction between Av. Arce and Bolivar.
Ecobol (Company Nacional de Correos of Bolivia)
Telephone: 693 2045
Address: Goatherd corner Maple without number.
Credit union
Westem Union
House of San Miguel Change
case of Vieli changes
Places exist where they offer the service of clothes washing, where they receive by kilo or number of articles.
Coffee Internet Magne: Av. Potosí Esq. Maple.
Point ENTEL The Salar
Street Bolivar without number.
Internet IPC.
Av. Potosí Without number.
Point Internet The Salarcito:
Av. Maple Esq. Peru.
Internet Kory Huasy.
Av. Potosí Not 350.
Cost of the Internet: 4 bs.
America Pharmacy. Direction Av. Potosí Núm. 14.
Pharmacy santa Isabel
Address: Av. Potosí 386
Julian Pharmacy
Address: Av. Maple without number.
Railway Hospital
Address: Avaroa Coastal corner
telephone: 693 2182
General Hospital Jose Eduardo Perez
Address: Av. Potosí without number
Telephone: 693 3203
Working Hospital
Address: Caseguran
Telephone 693 2025.
Commercial condorito
Molle and Sun.
Artisan Alpaca.
Travel agencies.
Click to see travel agencies here.
Click to see gastronomy agencies here

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